We have officially entered December and as such can say it’s time to start doling out holiday cheer and eggnog. Even though we are only in the first few days of December, some people have been itching to put up their tree since even weeks before Thanksgiving.

Premature Christmas or holiday celebration is a really polarizing subject. Some people cannot stand the idea of putting up the tree, buying gifts, or decorating around the house before Thanksgiving. Others seem to thrive on it. Of course, there really is no right or wrong way to get into the Christmas spirit, though timing does seem to be important.

I come from a family where the Christmas tree went up maybe two, maximum of three weeks, before Christmas. We were not one of those families that put the tree up after our Thanksgiving meal, and we definitely weren’t stringing up any lights outside. Instead, my mother liked to focus on the holidays as they actually happened versus trying to prep and prepare for them in advance like so many do.

So many others, however, put effort into putting their tree up and making it look perfect for a month or more before the holiday. And this is something those people feel strongly about more often than not. People who put their tree up in November argue their point by saying things like, “My tree is a lot of work” or, “There’s somewhere to put the gifts.” Furthermore, some just admit they like the lights and having the house feel holiday-like is enjoyable for them.

Of course, I think that everyone would agree that putting up a Christmas tree is a lot of work. There are pieces to put together (or a real tree to haul in), lights to wrap around appropriately, ornaments to hang and place perfectly, and various other additional decorations depending on personal preference. In fact, the most well decorated tree I’ve ever seen is my grandparents tree, for which my grandmother makes all of her own ornaments. Now that seems like a lot of work for a tree. Strangely, they wait until into December to put up this beautiful seasonal decoration.

Now, of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to bring the holiday cheer out a little early. After all, it could potentially boost your mood if you’re someone who likes Christmas. I just personally would never do it. I will admit that this is mostly out of laziness, but also I’ve just always grown up in a home that doesn’t do that kind of thing. Mixing the holidays and putting them out of order — in terms of decorating and getting ready for celebrations — is overwhelming for me. I’ve got to take it one holiday at a time.

Regardless of personal preference, I believe there are no right or wrong times to celebrate the holidays and putting up your tree is the first step for many. So whatever you decide to do with your tree, remember the holiday spirit supports you.