Having just read your letter in todays (Saturday) paper titled "must learn from history" taking to task our young journalist, Miguel, because his religious views do not reflect your own, speaks much more to your lack of knowledge concerning our Constitution than his.

I am having trouble finding in our Constitution any mention of the Bible or any mention that ignoring its "moral principles will lead to self-destruction." What I do find is: Amendment 1, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, etc.

I must say I enjoy reading this young man's opinions and though I might disagree with some of them, I could never be so narrow-minded as to tell him "you better lay down your pen" because his thoughts are different than mine.

This young man shows much more maturity in his writings than many of the Letters to the Editor regarding political and religious issues. Go for it Miguel.

Bert Horwitz