Thakkar Donation

Drs. Tarlika and Vinod Thakkar present a check to Ridge Area Arc CEO Kathleen Border (center) to be used for The Ridge Area Arc Autism Initiative, that will provide local families with a resource for life skills education beyond the school system.

AVON PARK — It is well known in the community that Drs. Vinod and Tarlika Thakkar are supportive of students in the Highlands County School District. The Thakkar Award has become synonymous with STEM learning and leadership excellence, but their recent partnership with Ridge Area Arc’s Autism Initiative proves their commitment to life-long learning.

“We have always felt that it is important to, not only support students in their learning environments, but to support the community as a whole,” said Dr. V. Thakkar. “We know that Ridge Area Arc is serving a great need and we want to empower them to better care for people on the autism spectrum.”

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