Highlands News-Sun and award sponsor, Alan Jay Automotive Network and nominating committees, may I take this opportunity of thanking you most sincerely for the 2020 Woman of the Year Award. How this ever happened I will never know, except to quote my dear mother, God rest her soul, "Shelagh, be gracious and accept it in the manner in which it has been given to you."

When (Highlands News-Sun Publisher) Tim Smolarick called me some months ago to tell me, I was on the road between Clearwater and Sebring, I thought to myself what in the world have I done to deserve such an award? I questioned Tim and all he would say is that two nominating committees made the decision.

It was certainly a great privilege to receive the lovely plaque from Don Elwell, a gentleman that I have read about for years, one of our county commissioners, whom I met for the first time when he so kindly handed me the plaque.

To all those who were involved in this project, I regret that I cannot thank you individually or collectively, but please accept my thanks from the bottom of my heart for this most prestigious award. I am proud to call Highlands County home and to the many wonderful people that I have met and continue to meet, you are what makes this county so unique. Once again, thank you Tim Smolarick, Highlands News-Sun and Alan J Wildstein, Alan Jay Automotive Network for your great support.

Shelagh Byatt

Lake Placid