I want to thank the writer for responding to my Jan. 22 challenge to have a dialogue about their thoughts and mine on our country and faiths.

I did get your meaning that not all Christians are right-wing radicals, but with every major news source beginning almost every news story about Christians with right wing etc., as a Christian I get pretty fed up, and wanted to make a point.

I realize and am grateful we live in a country that allows freedom of religion to flourish, but it seems Christians are being told where to pray, how to interpret God's word, and being minimized. I want my faith to be on equal footing with the rest, and will do everything I can to see that happens.

Now about President Trump, yes he is loud, boisterous, and sometimes obnoxious but really, look what he is up against.

I read that in 1789 a senator made $6 a day, with no benefits, and sessions lasted only a few months. I challenge all my Sebring neighbors to take a few minutes and see what they make, their benefits, blatant graft, guaranteed retirement and tell me something doesn't need to change.

I don't care if he is brash and bold, he has had to deal with New York politics all his life, world leaders, and he knows what it takes to get things done.

I love my country and I'm sure you do too, but to keep it we need to wake up.

Jay Broker