It’s always interesting and most certainly entertaining when the election cycle includes the race for the grandest office of them all. I am always trying to figure out the strategies of the party and the individuals who bravely put their names on a ballot.

The race for the President of the United States may well have been won on the Senate floor on Wednesday last week. Additionally, you don’t rip up a speech like President Trump delivered on national TV and win the hearts of voters for your party. Nancy Pelosi took the bait, hook, line and sinker when the handshake was ignored.

It feels like the Democrat strategy to unseat the “Outsider” from his house on Pennsylvania Avenue is constantly creating negatives for them. It seems as if the upper echelon of the Democratic Party is consumed with showing us voters, they have the power at any cost. So far, it’s a backfiring strategy as the Republican side just keeps on gaining momentum.

I like President Trump as he is miles away from the politicians who sat in the Oval Office before him. Let’s be honest, the men who have sat in that chair prior were not exactly saints on every count. They were elected and all faced their share of issues. The difference, in my opinion, is President Trump doesn’t compromise his election promises. He said what he wanted to accomplish and is doing his best to get there. We the people have not seen such a brazen approach to the world and to the politicians who try to block him. He is definitely not the type of person to insulate himself as the others before him; he just does what he thinks he needs to do. While not correct every time, and his delivery could be more diplomatic at times, he handles things and moves on. A good quality for a president as I would imagine he has to decide on more things in a week than others do in a year. The people will decide no matter what stunts are pulled by either side … let them.

Locally, you have just got to wonder what the heck Avon Park City Council is thinking. Why go through the whole process of involving a committee, having them research all the applications and then abruptly decide not to follow through with the selection and vote to hire someone without following the process the council instituted. More and more you have to think, no changes up there in Avon Park government except for the faces. Stuff like this makes you shake your head and think maybe “There ain’t no sunshine in Avon Park.”

The Highlands County Board of County Commission meeting was the scene of perhaps the most brilliant political move I have heard of in a while. Picture this: For the second time, Commissioner Arlene Tuck’s Second Amendment resolution was voted down at 4-to-1 against. Then Commissioner Don Elwell’s resolution to support all of the US Constitution was voted in 3-to-2. Here is the brilliance: After his resolution passed, Elwell then moved very quickly to vote again on Tuck’s resolution that was voted down earlier. That resolution passed and there it was, while it was Tuck’s resolution to begin with, Elwell led the charge to vote again and changed his vote for the resolution and it passed.

Certainly, the momentum of this strategic move will solidly hold the right, and distance him from the left, in his upcoming election campaign. The irony of all of this: The second resolution passed was in reality already voted on, and approved, with the support of the entire Constitution Resolution as the Second Amendment is a major part of the Constitution. There was not a need to vote on that again, unless we are going to see all of them voted on.

Oh yeah, sorry I got mixed up, supporting the entire Constitution did that already. Ahh, the political world, you’ve got to love it. From the national to the local elections it is fun to watch the politics involved.

Tim Smolarick is vice president and corporate publisher of D-R Media, as well as publisher of the Highlands News-Sun and Highlands Sun. Contact him via email at