While I was in South Carolina, I spent some time with my son’s two dogs (they also have two cats, but they are very shy around me and I didn’t see much of them).

Both are rescue dogs. Dax is the larger dog, black and slender. Ollie resembles a brown overstuffed burrito and is, to put it nicely, crazy. Most of the time, when he first meets someone, his response is a lot of growling and barking. We’ve learned to tell newcomers to ignore him – after a while he gets curious and makes nice with them.

Part of my job last week was to keep the dogs from eating the kids’ food. This is not an easy task. You must be ever vigilant, and prepared to utter the phrase, “(Dog), get down!” A moment’s inattention and they would have their snouts on the table, tongues lapping up whatever food was on a child’s plate.

Even Lavinia, almost 4, tells them to get down. Matthias will gently push Dax away from him if he gets too close. If the mutts are unbearably persistent (or worse, successful) they are banished either to their crate or another room until a meal is consumed by the humans.

I even had to be careful putting plates on the stovetop or counter – Dax is tall enough to reach and grab. A couple of plastic plates wound up on the floor because I forgot that.

I don’t try to pick up Dax – he’s too big. Ollie is another story. I can pick him up, but he doesn’t like it. He makes his displeasure known by growling and snapping at me. Fortunately, he never made contact with my skin, and I was successful in getting him where I wanted him to go.

I tell you all this because of a story I saw on Facebook from www.boredpanda.com. It tells of an epic standoff between two women and three cats – and so far, the cats are winning.

The women had ordered a Vitamix mixer during a Black Friday sale. When the box arrived, they were very excited, with visions of smoothies dancing in their heads.

In this same house are three cats: Max; George, the Destroyer of Worlds; and Lando Calrissian (don’t look at me like that, I didn’t name them). Like most cats, they believe they are in charge and the humans merely exist to meet their wants and needs.

The women placed the box on the floor “for a moment.” Apparently, that was all that Max needed. Spotting the box, he assumed it was his and hopped on top of it.

That was only the beginning of the standoff.

The three cats have taken turns planting their furry behinds on the blender box. Their owners admit they are scared and unwilling to forcibly remove said cats from the box – a feeling I don’t blame them for, given my experiences with Ollie.

By the time one of the women wrote to Vitamix, the situation had gone on two and a half weeks. Their expensive blender was being held hostage by a trio of cats, and they didn’t know what to do.

So, admitting it was an unusual request, they asked Vitamix to send them three empty boxes to entice the kitties away.

Vitamix took pity on the couple and promised to send the boxes. That was the last word two days ago, so I have no idea what the current situation is. My hope is that the plan works, and the blender is set free to make smoothies.

Until then, I wish those ladies good luck. Meantime, if you own cats, be careful about putting boxes within their reach. They just might hold them hostage.

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