Christ’s all sufficient payment for sin at the cross and his resurrection is the only way and the narrow way. By faith alone, we are saved and not of works, 1 Cor. 15:1-4; Eph. 2:8-9. KJV. God wants our faith; without faith, it is impossible to please him, Hebrews 11:6, KJV.

If you can trust sitting on a chair without checking it, to see if it would break from under you, why not believe God, who can not lie. Genesis chapter 22, KJV, shows us Abraham’s faith in God and the coming crucifixion of Jesus Christ, told 2,000 years prior. “Abraham! here I am Lord, take thy son, thy ONLY son, Issac.” God states Abraham’s only son in verse two, but Abraham had Ischmael. God only recognized the promised son, Issac.

“Take your son, Issac, to Mount Moriah for a burnt offering.” Abraham rose and took his son and on the third day saw the mount ahead. Sound familiar folks? The third day.

In verse five, Abraham shows his faith by telling his men to wait behind, that he and his son will go to worship but will be right back. He states that he will be back with his live son, Issac. The son that God promised him. Abraham believed that God would have a replacement sacrifice or he would resurrect Issac. Pure faith, folks. Issac asked Abraham where was the burnt offering to be sacrificed and Abraham said, God will provide one. Faith again, folks. Abraham then bound Issac and laid him on the wood and with his outstretched hand with a knife was about to slay Issac. Faith again, folks. Je was about to kill his son.

Something else noted here: Issac did not struggle or resist; he was passive as Christ was going to the cross. In verse 11, an angel of the Lord, Christ himself, stops Abraham, and noted his faith and seeing that thou not withheld his son. God provided a lamb, that was also passive to be the burnt offering. As shown by type, Issac and the lamb were obedient as Christ was, Philippians 2:7-9, KJV.

There is no one that is good; no one that is righteous, not one, Romans 3:10, KJV; all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory, Romans 3:23, KJV; there is no fear of God, Romans 3: 18, KJV; and the wages of sin is death, Romans 6:23, KJV. Death in the Bible does not mean what most people believe it is, but it means everlasting suffering and pain in the Lake of Fire, without end, folks. Death, a very misunderstood subject and mis-interpreted subject. What dies is your body, not your soul and spirit, which is who you are; your conscious, emotions, will and character.

Your body is just a covering able to operate in the physical world. Your soul and spirit are spiritual; you can’t see or feel it. When your body ceases, your soul and spirit immediately goes in the presence of the Lord in glory as a believer or in hell as an unbeliever, the first death. This first death, is the separation of the body from the soul and spirit. The second death spoken in the Bible is for unbelievers only. This is a total separation of soul and spirit of the unbeliever from God where they are given a spiritual body fashion to live on in the Lake of Fire everlasting with the attributes that are anti-God. Pain, regret, no rest, no sleep, hate, darkness for the exception of light from a fire. The pain will be excruciating in two ways: one, the burning of real fire without being consumed, like Moses’s burning bush and two, a greater pain that can not be understood of the total separation from God that Jesus felt on the cross on the ninth hour when he said, “My God, My God why do you forsaken me.”

This pain, the unbeliever will feel to no end, people. Get right with God, people, and understand your salvation. Remember folks, it’s faith in what Christ has done, a free gift and is nothing you have done or can do. Christ rested twice when it was perfect and finished. The creation of the universe and our salvation and no human can add to it.

Bruce Tooker is a resident of Sebring. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.^p