I often thought why doesn’t everyone see the root cause why there is violence with guns in the schools.

Students are taught that they evolved from a marsubial mess and not created in the image of God. Silent prayer and the 10 Commandments are taken out of school.

The absence of right and wrong, which society around the world is governed by, is missing.

Our forefathers of the Constitution had it where the Bible was the book in which public schools used in education.

There was no illusion of separation of chuuch and state. Our government and laws were based on the Christian, Judeo Bible.

In fact, the Congress of the United States recommended and approved the Holy Bible for use in all schools. 1782. They didn’t think it was a violation of our Constitution.

What gripes me is that public education is talking about gay lifestyles and making kids confused about gender identification, whether they are a he or a she. This is wrong. When I went to school, it was reading, writing and arithmetic. Sex is left in the privacy of one’s bedroom.

No wonder our kids are confused, and lacking faith and hope in who they are. They’ve been given Pandora’s box to open, which was never meant for them to open.

It’s clear that God loves our kids and wants them to be well rounded and not legalistic and to find their place in the world. Not to be thrown off track and misguided before heading off in this world.

So, I would say the root cause of gun violence is not knowing there is a God and what He says is right and wrong.

Paul M. Strunc