With churches on every block, one would think that "the way" is broad, but don’t be deceived: “the way is narrow,” meaning very few ever enter upon it.

The Lord will show mercy unto thee if thou shalt have been merciful: “To me belongeth vengeance, saith the Lord.” “The Lord confirmed His mercy toward them that fear Him.”

“God is love,” but don’t think that the Father won’t chastise, scourge, afflict, and bruise those puffed-up with pride, i.e. His rebellious and fallen children devoid of mercy, charity, loving-kindness and grace, who’re ubiquitous.

God is great, but you are mere dust in the wind; so in thy reflections on thyself, think of thy low estate, think of thy dust: ‘be not lifted up.’ Let those who fear Him rejoice, because His mercy is upon them.

Preachers who don’t fear Him inhabit nearly every church and shall be denied forgiveness in the end. The "narrow way" is never entered upon by the proud, never a shameless self-righteous, right-wing hypocrite devoid of love.

For one only approaches God with extreme humility; so any degenerate preacher who sows discord and division, and seeks to justify himself, do not follow, as he’s not of God. For “he who exalts himself will be humbled, while the humble will be exalted.” Because “there is none good but One, that is God.” But the devil would have you believe otherwise, because he wants your money.

Mark Zembower