This is a reply to a letter which was a reply to manifestos written of opinions that cannot be classed as facts. I have replied to previous letters by this scribe and to my knowledge my questions were never answered.

What does he mean by "Laws of Evolution"? I assume from the article, he means human life has evolved from some lower form of life and not from "some mad sky genie." And his proof of this is Charles Darwin and "an overwhelming majority of accomplished scientists." Science means "possession of knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding." Science is not theories, speculations or a want to be.

As the scribe stated, "You're entitled your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts." Consistency, where art thou? Evolution, "a process of change in a certain direction" that is evident within the same kind. Where is the evidence that the human race evolved from a lower form of life? Atheists ignore the law of biogenesis.

To demote human life to animal status, opened the door for wholesale abortion. Our country is drowning in the blood of innocent children encouraged by the doctrine of evolution. One abortion clinic boasts "Caring and Compassionate" staff as they suck from the uterus the unborn child.

The scribe appears to be self-righteous and mocks with statements like "mad sky genie." I assume he is so labelling my Creator and Heavenly Father. Such reckless speech will come back to haunt him. Running to and hiding behind the theory of evolution does not destroy the fact God is.

Frank Parker