In the national news, the riots that have been ignited all over the nation have been making headlines. One of the biggest controversies surrounding the riots is the absolute destruction they have caused across the nation. Many people argue that these riots are counterproductive for their cause while others say that they are accurate reflections of discontent with law enforcement practices. Regardless of how you might feel about the motives of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is certain that the responses of both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will decide this election.

President Trump has been using these riots as an example of what would happen if Biden were to win in November. Many of his most recent campaign commercials have included phrases like “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America” underneath videos of rioters in Portland. However, the claim that these riots are reflecting what Joe Biden’s America would look like is not entirely true. It is true that most cities in which riots have taken place have liberal mayors or liberal governors, but former Vice President Biden really has no control as to what these officials choose to do in response to a riot. This claim would not necessarily add up with voters with a college, a demographic that President Trump has been significantly weak with.

It would make more sense for President Trump’s campaign strategists to simply attack the fact that liberal government leaders have let this happen rather than solely call out Joe Biden. Voters would be able to put two and two together to associate policies and government ideals. Another aspect that is bound to hurt President Trump is his sole focus on the riots and not the cause of the peaceful protests. Many of these peaceful protesters are made up of minorities, another demographic that the president is failing to attract. If he were to call attention to the issue at hand and attempt to help the nation heal, he would be doing his nation a great service while benefiting these minority groups.

On the other side of the race, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been quiet when it comes to these riots. It is something that came to my attention when conversing with a good friend of mine that can hurt the Biden campaign. Most voters agree that the Black Lives Matter Movement can march and protest peacefully, but the rioting is something that the vast majority disagree with. It was only until recently that Joe Biden called out rioters and demanded that they stop the rioting. Even then, it was one time out of many weeks of rioting that have harmed countless people.

By staying silent while businesses are looted and set aflame, he gives off the sense that he is not as tough on crime as he should be. It is exactly what the Trump campaign needs to gain a lead over Joe Biden and the campaign knows this. What the Biden campaign needs to do is condemn the rioting before the Trump campaign does enough to swing the election back into their favor. There is no problem having pride in the peaceful protests while still being strong against the rioters and the damage that is being left behind.

Regardless, campaign or not, we should all be praying that our nation is able to heal soon. We are definitely in a very divided time in our history. We need someone to help our nation come together and fix the issues at hand before violence and anger consumes us all.

Miguel Arceo is a student athlete at Sebring High School.