They say ...

What’s false about the Democrat’s words. They say it’s a protest when it’s a riot with people destroying property; they say the illegal immigration problem is a challenge when it is a crisis; they say Trump packed the courts when he just filled a vacancy; they say Georgia voting law is Jim Crow, when it is just assuring proof of voting eligibility by identification and signature verification; they say gun violence is an epidemic, when we have open boarders bringing in criminals and more laws to restrict guns from lawful citizens who won’t protect their families; they say whites are all racist when they are racist against whites; they say defund the police when they are our only defense and protection against criminals and should be praised by blacks, whites and Hispanics alike; they say it is infrastructure when it is daycare and pork; they say Conservatives and Republicans are breaking the law when Biden should be impeached for breaking the laws of our Lord and the Constitution.

Where is the Durham report? Remember the Russian hoax and the narrative of a big fat lie. We need law and order and enforcement to be applied, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent.

Their narrative and words are false, false, false. Their words require a made-up dictionary, one in which only they can follow.

Paul Strunc


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