"We have met the enemy and he is us" a quote from Pogo in the funnies. Never is that quote more relevant than it is today.

God generously bestowed on us both a brain and a conscience, which we have replaced with mass hysteria and paranoia. The "me" attitude is prevailing: Hoarding abounds, choosing to get yours irregardless of anyone else's need.

Gun purchases are ramping up everyday, evidently with the intent of barricading your home to protect your unnecessary hoard.

Get a grip people, this is not the apocalypse, There is actually plenty of food: The farmers' are planting and harvesting all of the crops they have been all along, and the trucks are rolling, bringing food and supplies every day. The only reason that shortages exist is because of the crazies who keep gobbling up all the necessities faster than the trucks can get them to the stores.

Stop acting like brainless idiots, thank God everyday for your blessings and elect instead to be compassionate and generous to those who have less than you. You can find a way to make things better for other folks if you could stop for just a minute to think of someone else's welfare other than your own.

Carol Souder

Lake Placid