The Hatch Act was passed into law by Congress in 1939. The law states simply that if you are a government employee, you cannot engage in political events or make comments about the government. (I paraphrase here). The Trump Administration has faulted this law dozens of times and simply ignores the law. Now in all fairness, the Democrats have also done the same thing at times.

When a question of violating the law was brought up recently about Trump using the White House as a backdrop for his nomination speech, his Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, made the statement, "nobody outside the beltway cares." For those of you that are not familiar with the beltway, it is highway 495 that goes around Washington, D.C. This highway creates a cocoon for the 535 Congressmen and women plus one president that protects them from the rest of us getting to them with our concerns and problems.

If you think for one minute that your phone call or letter to your representative will get him or her to change anything, you are "whistling Dixie." The comment by Meadows is a classic example of how the two parties do whatever they want and don't have to adhere to laws they don't like at the moment. The two-party system is a disgrace in that party line is what talks, not the individual that we elect to represent us.

A third party or term limits would go a long way in stopping the graft and corruption of our present government and those in the future. Vote for whomever you like, but be advised, the chances of any major change is nil or none.

Hal Graves