This is not Dogpatch

The liberals believe we live in Dogpatch between the mountains of Innocence and Sanity.

As residents of the mountain of Innocence, many Americans are so gullible they believe everything that the media says. The COVID-19 Stimulus Relief Bill will get rid of the virus and we can get back to normal, though we may have to wear two masks to keep ourselves and others safe for some time to come. Only we didn’t realize much more of the money went to help pay bills for New York and California because those in charge don’t know how to live within their budgets.

Then there is rental and mortgage assistance, bailout for pension plans, unemployment insurance, child credits and so much more that our trusting minds cannot comprehend. We are just so happy those behind our weak president understand and are helping out the needy.

Those Americans living on the mountain of Sanity know nothing is free. Someone will pay and we will pay it back in higher taxes, fuel for our home and cars, food prices and everything that has a price tag on it.

The Liberals boast that we have the most progressive president ever. Progressive isn’t always good, especially when it spelled regressive or retrogressive, describing something moving backward. Americans living on Sanity mountain have been there and done that – higher taxes, more regulations, less individual freedoms and we don’t want to go back. Now the Democrats want to push through another stimulus naming it The Infrastructure Bill and again the bill is filled with pork unrelated to infrastructure but pushing the “New Green Deal.”

Now is the time for Americans living on Sanity mountain to take a stand and say, ‘No! Not until you close the border there will be no new stimulus bill. Every dollar you are proposing for the Infrastructure Bill will be needed to house, feed, provide schooling and medical care for the illegals who have already come into the United States.’

Where are the coherent Democrats and Republicans who took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. If there aren’t any, let’s look for some.

God will hold you responsible.

Google Li’l Abner and note how many in our government officials could play a part in this satirical comedy.

Thank you again.

Betty Hendsbee


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