Wedding bells will soon be chiming and that means it is time to eat some cake. Preliminary tasting of the confectionery focus for one’s big day apparently is a thing now. While I don’t recall anything of the sort during my own wedding planning more than three decades ago, I was all in as soon as it was mentioned. After all, any excuse to chow down on fluffy sponge and spun sugar sounds pretty sweet.

Opening the door of the adorable storefront, I marveled how the simple, yet elegant surroundings kept the focus on the cold case filled with tasty treats. A shabby-chic table and chairs with Instagram-worthy posing opportunities beckoned us to relax and get down to business. When the china plate of cake was presented, I marveled at the perfectly cut squares stacked helter-skelter, but ever so clever. Classic white cake and ruby-hued red velvet bookended chocolate cake so dark it seemed to ooze deliciousness or maybe that was just me drooling.

Even better than the bits of soft, sweetened flour were the swirled plating’s of icing and fillers. Like an artist’s pallet, it invited us to sample each flavor and texture. Able to mix and match the various delights, I restrained myself and tried not to overdo it. Honestly, while I would have adored to eat all of it and then take something from the case as well, sugar overload occurred. Thankfully, the bride and groom had already decided by that time and just like that the tasting was over. I eyed the remaining butter cream and considered asking for a doggy bag. So much care had gone into the whole thing, I hated to waste it.

From towers to glitter, fresh flowers and spotty icing sporting the moniker of “naked cake,” wedding cakes are really quite different nowadays. Gone are the mountainous towers of pink icing flowers festooned with plastic people. No longer do couples choose a bride and groom on a stick, but now a personalized monogram or mutual symbol of their union tops the cake. Clearly this is not our mother’s or even their mother’s wedding anymore. Brides today have social media feeds to scroll and compare thousands of designs and even post their own content on personalized websites for guests to peruse. The wedding cake is now more of an artistic statement for photos with additional smaller cakes prepared for guests to enjoy.

Like everything else in life, one’s happy union is going online and with that, I find both pros and cons. If you are the family member who is unable to travel, weddings can now be enjoyed live in the comfort of your own living room. That’s a plus for those who might miss out otherwise. For the couple who might enjoy a bit of privacy however, today’s modern wedding might feel a bit like overexposure.

Good or bad, these changes certainly offer more options, choices and opportunities. From ordering invitations to décor and dresses to suits, online shopping has created a convenient and somewhat seamless way to get hitched. In the end, it all comes down to the happy moments of wedded bliss and hopefully a nice, big slice of cake, even if there aren’t any pink icing roses.

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