I feel as sad as the weather looks outside my window. I just read that Thomas Wohl has died.

There are few things in print more precious than a well-written obituary. This one is wonderful – informative, evocative, describing a life well lived. As a genealogist, I have always loved obituaries – seeing them as celebrations of life.

I feel the Wohl family will treasure it forever.

The sentence “he came to view Sebring as the city he remembered Hollywood was when he was young.” Touched me deeply because that is exactly how I too felt when I moved to Sebring.

During an epic snowstorm, when I was 6, my family left Brooklyn in a beat-up old coupe for Grandma’s house in Hollywood. When we finally arrived, I was sound asleep. I awoke to green grass, the fragrance of orange blossoms on the soft breeze, blue skies. It felt like I was still dreaming. Until then, I thought if there was a blizzard in New York, it was snowing all over the world.

Hollywood was paradise for a long time – and then paradise lost. Sebring became my safe haven. I know how Thomas Wohl felt.

Sam Heede

Spring Lake