Ticket would not work

In an April 29 Fox interview with Marie Bartimoro, Donald Trump hinted that if he chose to run in 2024, his possible running mate would be Florida governor Ron DeSantis. “I’m just saying what I read (huh?) and what you read –(people) love that ticket,” opined POTUS #45.

Once again, The Donald’s own words illustrate why he is the only president in history to lose the popular vote twice. Both Trump and DeSantis call Florida home. There is no prohibition in the Constitution from the president and vice-president to be from the same state. However, Article II, Section I, Paragraph 3 clearly states that electors must vote “for two persons, of whom at least one shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.” The recent census brings Florida’s total electoral count to 30. The magic number to win is 270. Florida electors are constitutionally forbidden from voting for a Trump-DeSantis ticket. Without The Sunshine State, GOP victory is virtually impossible.

In the 2000 election, both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had their official residences in Texas. To avoid the Constitutional requirement, Cheney procured a driver’s license from Wyoming, the state where he grew up and lived when a member of Congress. Smart move. Bush-Cheney won with the bare minimum of 271 electoral votes. Subtract the then 32 Texas electoral votes and the 2000 winning ticket would have been Gore-Lieberman.

Principled Republicans have already moved on from the MAGAhead commander-in-chief following his seditious role in the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill insurrection. This recent rant is further proof of his inability to comprehend the Constitution he has never taken the time to read, much less comprehend.

Ed Engler


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