As a former police officer in a tourist mecca city of Miami Beach when people from all over the world visit. Traffic accidents were prevalent and I handled many.

This article is in reference to US 27, which is unreal as how many more accidents and deaths, how many more accidents and deaths are going to happen on US 27 from Lake Placid to Sebring and to Avon Park, how many more people are going to be killed in unfortunate accident. Many people here are older and seem to not be able to react fast enough, especially with the speed of the cars and trucks on US 27.

I see very little enforcement along US 27 in my two years living here. Once in awhile a useless police car is parked in the center. This is useless. Most people know the police car is empty. We really need some traffic lights along US 27 to slow down traffic, especially at the hospital entrance by Tomoka Heights. I have never seen a hospital without a traffic light; now they have only flashing lights, which no one pays attention to.

The road next to Heartland Bank is another place just waiting for more accidents. The stretch from Lake Placid to Sebring is wide open and a race track for cars and trucks, most are speeding, and trucks blow by me 20 mph over the speed limit.

Let's slow this traffic down, especially these big trucks . Let’s save lives and it may be mine.

Gene Toreky

Lake Placid