During the Christmas holidays I witnessed an incident that could have been traumatic but because of the quick action of a state trooper and his wife the incident was quickly resolved and all parties were able to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Trooper Acevedo-Peralto and his wife observed a shopper experiencing a medical issue while walking out of the Walmart store in Sebring and without hesitation, the trooper and his wife walked the shopper to his vehicle, helped him into the vehicle and drove him home to his house in Lake Placid while the trooper’s wife followed in their vehicle. The trooper, Emanuel, and his wife, Maria, were obviously playing the role of the Christmas Guardian Angel.

I happened to recognize the shopper and called the family the following day, only to find out that Trooper Acevedo-Peralto had just left their house checking to make sure that all was well. It was the kind act of the trooper and his wife that gave the family yet another reason to celebrate Christmas.

On behalf of the shopper’s family, I would like to thank Trooper Acevedo-Peralto and his wife for recognizing so quickly the shopper’s medical issue. We have a lot to thank the state troopers for, not just for trying to protect the drivers on the road but their astuteness in times of need.

Shelagh Byatt

Lake Placid