The worst president we have ever had is going out in a blaze of destruction similar to his four years of chaos. The weekend violent protests in Washington, D.C. were an example of the way Trump has fermented the brainwashing of his followers into not accepting the results of the election. The Proud Boys attacking peaceful protesters, the police and the violent stabbing of four people are an example of how a dictator keeps power. Thirty-three arrests, eight police injured all in the name of Trump.

This egomaniac has kept this nonsense up for five weeks now, losing 50 court cases and trying to attack various State's Attorneys and election officials.

All of this protesting action around the country would come to an end if Trump would do what is required, and that is to concede the election to Biden, but a man whose only concern is Donald J. Trump and not the 330 million people he was supposed to lead cannot and will not think of anyone but himself. Truly a sorry episode of the office of the president that will be Trump's lasting legacy.

Hal Graves