I was just musing over a letter that was sent in this weekend with attacks on the president, the Republican Party and the old stand by God.

I was going to bring the same old you-think-we're-bad-look-at-you, but would like to take a different tact.

With all sincerity I would like to say Donald Trump is such a change from what politicians have become, he was like the first cool breeze of autumn, a different style (not graceful I admit), and did what he said he was going to do. Perfect statesman he is not, I also admit that, but dependable, you bet.

Now as for Christianity, where some people say that God is a fable made up thousands of years ago. Every time you see a newborn baby, or see the change of seasons, or see kindness or charity, I ask you where did that begin?

God is love and truth, throughout history it plays itself out over and over. When man, through hate, greed, envy, and evil causes chaos, God eventually deals with it. Yes, the innocent suffer, because men and women were timid and afraid to stand up to war mongers, cheats, the power hungry and every form of evil in this world.

God gave us His Word, He gave us His Son, and gave us a Spirit to help us along and we more often than not choose to deny Him, mock him, until we desperately need him.

Jay Broker