In August, Republican voters in State House District 55 have a choice to make.

In light of the constant drumbeat of those who want to attack the Second Amendment, we really only have one choice. We need someone in Tallahassee that will put the rights of law abiding gun owners first and foremost.

Kaylee Tuck is that person.

She understands that criminals are the cause of violent crime, not law abiding gun owners. She will protect our rights from those who can't tell the difference between the two.

She is also an NRA member.

In contrast to that, most of the mailings I received from her opponent didn't even mention gun rights.

When you look at what is going on in the U.S. and in Florida. When you look at the riots and pandemics and increasingly violent socialists. You have to ask the question. Do we really want a someone who is a milquetoast halfhearted candidate or someone who will defend the Constitution with every fiber of her being?

We need someone who understands that the people of the Heartland are what makes this the best area in the state. That the people of the Heartland support the Second Amendment and traditional values.

Now more than ever, we need someone who will support our shared values and our gun rights as well. Conservative values, lower taxes, smaller, more effective government, less regulations that harm small business. Someone who can inspire younger people to adopt these same values.

Kaylee is that person.

Republican voters have a chance to send someone to Tallahassee that will never compromise on these rights and these values. We need to make sure that happens.

Vote for Kaylee Tuck in the Republican primary in August.

Dana B. Orr

Avon Park