If Commissioner Tuck's Facebook page was hacked there should be an investigation – an independent investigation. This should be afforded every citizen of Highlands County.

To the guest columnist accusing local Democrats of defacing their signage, I suggest the same due process. Throwing accusations without proof is wrong.

I have never read Arlene Tuck's Facebook page, and have no desire to hack her page. I would suggest she become more techno-savy if she chooses to use this means to communicate. Ms. Tuck ran on a platform of "no new taxes" and has shown little else in the way of leadership, and is oft times a divisive force. She speaks before full understanding of issues, or ramifications of her proclamations and decisions – for this alone I choose not to join Facebook or follow her.

If all these posts attributed to her are hacks then she will be exonerated. If the posts on her page turn out to be true she should step down.

Patricia Myers