Monday there was a fatal traffic accident a little north of Lake Placid on U.S. 27. The traffic was diverted down Lake Henry Drive to by-pass the carnage. Fine. It has happened before a few times. However, this time, rather than have the traffic flow in one direction at a time and alternate north and south, someone with the brain of a shoelace decided to let the traffic flow in both directions down our small lane. If the vehicles were all smart cars that would have been fine. When two semis meet, damage to property happens ... no room!

Almost every home on Lake Henry Drive sustained property damage, be it lawn destruction, sprinklers destroyed or mail boxes hit for a home run. I, along with my neighbors, hope this never happens again and someone with common sense evaluates the situation before acting.

I contacted our commissioner, Ms. (Arlene) Tuck, with details. This morning, Wednesday, I got a call from the Highlands County Road Department and Henry assured me help was on the way. It was! New sand was delivered and graded. Seed was strewn and raked in. I just want to take this time to thank the quick action of Commissioner Tuck and the Highlands County Road Department for their actions. My hat is off to all of you! Thank you!

Dave Doty

Lake Placid