I have just finished the book,"Anonymous," written by a senior Trump Administration official. We don't know who the author is but the book is a scathing comment of the Trump presidency. He or she talks about Trump's vindictiveness, immoral comments, insults and name calling about any and all those that dare speak ill of him and how the revolving door of cabinet members and advisors is the result of those that fall out of favor because they don 't show the proper amount of fealty to he who considers himself above the law.

The author talks about Trump surrounding himself with political hacks rather than experienced and knowledgeable people in their respective agencies. He has done away with the intelligence agencies telling them to "go back to school." He claims his instincts are better. The author talks about he is disdainful of knowledge, indifferent to facts, and emotional instability.

One of the most enlightening pages about Trump's personality is found on page 187. The author points out that are a series of books along the wall in the West Wing with words from past presidents that are left to history. Words like "malice toward none" by Lincoln, FDR after the Pearl Harbor attack, "the American people in their righteous might will win;" Reagan with his shiny house on the hill, and Kennedy, "ask not what your country can do for you." The author wonders what Trump's words will be such as "evil Democrats," "fake news," "crazy Nancy," "crying Chuck," "mini Mike," "crooked Hillary." This is how he talks everyday.

Mayor Bloomberg called Trump a "New York con man." Sixty-three million people voted for Trump in 2016. The question now, are the same 63 million going to vote for him again or they going to realize they were conned in 2016. I am a conservative Republican, but you can definitely call me a "never Trumper."

Hal Graves