Using turn signals

A survey shows that probably 50% of drivers do not properly use turn signals, which probably contributes to up to of 60% of accidents.

Contrary to what you may believe after driving on the Florida roadways, the turn signal is not optional. Though you might not know that if you drive daily on Florida roads. Although many Floridians are loath to use it, the turn signal is required by law.

Section 316.155 of Florida Statutes sets forth the times when a turn signal is required. Any vehicle turning right or left or changing lanes must use signal an intention to turn for at least 100 feet prior to turning or changing lanes. Visually speaking, 100 feet is about the length of six cars lined up bumper to bumper.

The purpose of the turn signal is to let other drivers know you are about to turn. Turning on the signal after you have already stepped on your brakes or started your turn is too late. Try to turn them on at least five seconds before turning.

Some drivers tell me they only turn them on when they see another vehicle around them. This is foolish, the only time there is an accident is when you think there are no vehicles around.

William H. Sides

Lake Placid