Vaccinated for my birthday

On Thursday, March 4th, I received my first COVID vaccination at the POD in the Lakeshore Mall. Everyone was masked. It was very well organized, so smooth sailing after being sorted into vaccination #1 line and vaccination #2 line. Those with pre-filled out information and consent forms, downloaded from the internet, and those with no forms (me). After the forms were collected we were directed to another room where chairs were placed distanced and sanitized after each patient.

As I heard my name called and went to the nurse I happened to mention that today was my birthday, she said Happy Birthday and motioned to the crowd of those waiting and they all began to sing the birthday song ... Well, I felt like I had won the lottery seeing all those smiling faces. It was the best birthday gift ever.

Thanks to all the volunteers that were so professional and efficient. I urge everybody to wear your mask, distance and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Thank you.

Carole Fields

Lake Placid