People better wake up quick and protest. We are losing due process under the law by far left loonies in black robes. Under the due process clause, vague laws violate a person’s due process because they are too unclear to be understood by the average person. Due process requires that laws be written in a way that is specific and understandable by the average individual. Vague laws make it too probable that a person’s due process will be violated because the law is misunderstood or interpreted in so many ways as to make it impossible for any person to reliably stay within the constraints of the law.

Now, in the Harvey Weinstein case, the law is not even vague but, has been perverted by a libby judge. This is the clear understanding of this case: One, Harvey offered movie roles for sex. Two, the women went to him at his hotel room. Three, the meeting of the minds were understood. Four, at this point, the ball was in these women's court to choose, yes, choose. Let me say it one more time so, libbies out here understand the word, choose. They could have left. Did they? No! But, continued to have sex with Harvey for movie roles. Guess what folks, that's called consensual. Again folks, consensual.

So, if this stands even after appeals, if any man goes out and has consensual sex with a woman, watch out if she turns on you and says rape. We can thank our far left libby judges today.

Bruce Tooker