Thank you for all the letters you publish in your publication, the Highlands News-Sun. Whether the letter is presented under Your View or as a guest column, various people have the opportunity to share their views on a wide variety of topics. Recently, laws, religion, gun ownership, and politics have frequently been addressed.

In my opinion and life experience, innocent until proven guilty is a more valid foundation for a society than guilty unless proven innocent.

In my opinion and in my life experience, each person in our nation who is a citizen of our nation is granted many rights under the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Amendments added since the founding of the United States of America.

One of these rights, Freedom of Religion, is established in the Constitution allowing no national religion to be established, choosing to believe in God and participate in a church is an available choice. Not choosing to believe in God is also a right and choice.

May God bless America.

Georgia Lee Eschelman