Reader T. wrote me the following note about what it is like to own a small business right now.

“I have owned and operated a small business for 20 years. We have lived and owned a home in Lake County since 2004. I have been in the work force since the age of 15, always choosing to work for a living to better my life.

“Business was going good, could always be better, but we had jobs already booked thru [sic] the end of the year. I have worked hard and earned the trust of clients and was successful and able to support my family and pay my mortgage.

“I agree with equality for all, my small business hired people of all races and sexes, based on experience and ability. Our business was an economy super engine, earning good revenue, paying workers, and purchasing goods and services.

“All that is gone, has been since March 9, 2020. I cannot find a suitable situation to support my income. We have had numerous jobs cancel over the months, some rescheduling, and then re-cancelling.

“My business has lost a large amount of revenue, irreplaceable by the small amount of unemployment and PPP loan given earlier on. The bills keep showing up, debt is stacking up, and banks are still charging interest.

“We are out of work and can’t find a related job in the industry of my expertise because like us, all other similar companies are shut down. I worked very hard to earn a better-than-average wage, and now am faced with a looming mortgage and other pending debt and bills.

“It’s not looking good. I am in a category or crevice of the hardest hit workers and businesses.

“We are going to fail soon and have the prospect of being foreclosed on, and I have a daughter in school, and two older sons.

“One son is a U.S. Marine. My father was a U.S. Marine who gave his life as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

“I am not really looking for sympathy, but we are in trouble.

“The politics of today’s world is unbearable, the virus that is out there is being used against us. The media is out of control with such conflicting information from one channel to the next, what are we really to believe?

“Kids are scared and these images and lessons from this time will surely scar this generation in a way never before seen.

“I am sinking fast. Those are ‘some’ of my thoughts. Thank you, for your support.”


Readers, share your thoughts.

David Dunn-Rankin is CEO of D-R Media, which owns the Highlands News-Sun and the Highlands Sun, as well as newspapers in Lake, Polk and Sumter counties. He can be reached at David@D-R.Media .