I got quite a chuckle while reading Letters to the Editor in the Jan. 11 Highlands News-Sun. One letter in particular was a real knee slapper.

In it, the letter writer, who was clearly projecting, describes law abiding gun owners as "wild eyed." Then claims they worship guns and uses the term "assault weapons." Like most rabid anti-rights zealots, this letter writer is clearly and hysterically ignorant about firearms.

The writer obviously does not realize that the term "assault weapons" was coined by a Josh Sugarmann of the anti-constitution outfit Violence Policy Center. This was done to conflate common semi-auto firearms with full-auto military firearms in the minds of those who are too dull or uninformed to know better. All the better to have such people bleating out canned talking points on a subject they know nothing about. Like in a letter to the editor.

Finally, the benighted author of this letter states that "I own guns, just not mass destruction guns." Wow, amazing. I spent 26 years training with firearms as part of my job and that is one technical term that I missed. "Mass destruction guns" ... Again, wow. I sure would love to know what credentials this person has that makes them such an expert because that term is a real gem.

I also would like to ask them the following: When gasoline was used to murder 87 people in New York in the 1980's, (Happy Land fire) was that mass destruction gasoline? Assault gasoline? In the Boston marathon bombing, was the weapon a pressure cooker of mass destruction? Should we have a ban on assault pressure cookers?

I will try to make it crystal clear to help those who just haven't been able to grasp it. It is not the object, it is the criminal. No matter how many scary sounding adjectives like "mass destruction" or "assault" that MSNBC tells you to use, it is still the criminal.

In closing, I would like to suggest to those who are ignorant about a subject to avoid pontificating on that subject in a letter to the editor. It is certainly a bad idea. That letter on 1/11/2020 makes that abundantly clear.

Dana B. Orr

Avon Park