Wondered why we have hurricanes? Googled it and got how the storms travel and damage. Was in the U.S. Navy in 1954 coming back to the states aboard a large ship. I was offered more pay, larger GI Bill benefits if I would go to Bikini Island to be part of the hydrogen nuclear bombing. I refused.

On Bikini there were, at that, 24 native people. They were moved far away from the blast, which left Bikini a radioactive barren island, no vegetation, just some sand, everything gone. Today it is a flourishing Pacific paradise with over a thousand people. Some scientists said the island would never be habitable again. But now the island is green, lush, fishing is good, everything is good. Why? Because of storms, tornados, which come by every so few years to cross fertilize the land. This happens the world over.

It has rained fish, frogs, snakes in various places. Cross fertilization. Blows away the dead and weak vegetation making way for the young and vigorous. This is again the story of matter and how it exists.

We are all made of matter. All life and even rocks and stars go through the system of survival of the fittest. Jesus alone did not become a victim of matter. The only one. Others in the Bible were taken but they did not die. Only Jesus died in matter and re-lived in matter and then was ascended up to heaven. Our bodies are matter and we die and the matter is reabsorbed into the matter earth. But believers in Jesus have a spirit which is not matter, which does not die like matter but lives on and on and on forever. Become now a believer in Jesus Christ, receive his spirit and lives forever for knowing and speaking and doing truth.  For you love your enemies and sometimes you might even know of one that became a conversion to everlasting life.

The real story of survival of the fittest by those who may appear weak to the "know-it-all person" for he in reality knows little. Be kind and sweetly say kindly a word or two that may shake him off his pedestal. Only soft, kind words can do it.

Ralph Z. Bell

Lake Placid