We keep hearing about this Build Back Better bill, but nobody seems to be telling the American people what is in it.

What is going to be “built back?” Where is the money going to be spent?

Before anybody votes on this bill, and I’m talking about those dudes in D.C. who claim to represent the rest of us, we, the voters, the taxpayers, need to see exactly what is in this bill.

We’re about to have another of those bills passed like the one Nancy Pelosi told Congress “We need to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it.” Remember how that worked out, folks?

In this day and age where even the brand of toilet paper you buy can be displayed for the world to see, we need to have access to the same information those well-heeled people in the Capitol building have access to. This bill should not be a big secret. There’s no reason this bill should not be made available online for the public to see.

We need to see where this massive, multi-trillion dollar tax increase is going. That’s our money, y’all, and we need to see what we’re paying for.

Suzanna Crean

Avon Park

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