The examples given to rebut my rhetorical question aren't sociopathic in nature. When a self professed "(expletive) grabber" of women he doesn't know, who's been accused by 21 women of sexual assault, claims to be a Christian, then not only is he a sociopath and a psychopath, but also a shameless, self righteous hypocrite with no sense of decency, who ignores 'the Golden Rule' — common amongst hypocrites.

Furthermore, when said politician doesn't abide by democratic norms of debating his opponents, but rather attacks them and hypocritically tries to assassinate their character, as well as seeking to be an autocrat, then he's also a fascist, reminiscent of Mussolini and Hitler. Hitler, too, used right wing Christians to demonize his opponents in his vain rise to power. But many Americans suffer from historical amnesia; as if they ever knew history to begin with.

Mark Zembower