I want to thank the former Miami Beach police officer, Gene Toreky, for his input on the US 27 situation. I, too, lived on Miami Beach for 15 years; and, on mainland Miami for another 50-plus years. I appreciate that at least one police officer agrees that the part of US 27 that goes through Lake Placid, Sebring (especially), and Avon Park needs to have speed enforcement of some sort. Extra traffic lights would help; but, if that cannot fit into the budget, how about just changing the timing on the ones that do exist, so that cars and trucks will be forced to slow down? It's not like we have any real bumper-to-bumper traffic here like I have been used to in the past.

I have written about this once before, when I first moved here back in 2016. Not much has changed since then. There has been the empty police car trick, true. Meanwhile, the fatalities and other wrecks keep adding up.

I think that the elderly people, making left hand turns on US 27, have a hard time estimating just how fast those cars and trucks are coming their way. Another problem with this road is that it goes right through what is the biggest part of Sebring's business district. It is hard to pull into a parking lot doing 70 mph, so, people have to slow down; but, not so for the thru traffic.

We, in Sebring, now have signs saying that the speed limit is 50 mph in this business area; but, not only is that not enough, it also needs to be enforced.

I would like to know what the real problem is that no one wants to enforce the speed limit and they keep swearing that speed has nothing to do with these accidents when anyone who drives this road locally knows that this is not the case. I have seen people doing over 70 weaving in and out of traffic on this road. Why can no one come up with an idea that will resolve this situation?

Dee D'Errico