This is an exciting time to be a conservative. The House of Representatives just impeached President Trump in a ridiculous show of liberal drama.

When Pelosi was asked when they would send it to Congress for trial, she said, “We have done what we set out to do.” This is a telling remark alluding to the fact that they always knew there was no evidence of Trump’s guilt, but they could at least muddy his reputation with an impeachment process controlled by a Democratic House of Representatives.

Now, in the Senate, where there would be an actual trial requiring actual evidence, the Dems know they could not get a conviction, so Pelosi and her ilk will begin the arduous task of trying to convince people that the Senate Republicans (every single one of them) are corrupt and willing to break the law to protect the president

By the way, the Dems want you to think the president abused his power by putting pressure on Ukraine to provide evidence of Joe Biden’s and/or his son’s involvement in overseas ventures. That’s what the impeachment was about. So, how much have you read or heard about the investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden’s involvement in overseas business? What have you seen or heard from Pelosi regarding the investigation into the Bidens? Nothing! And you won’t.

Two Democrats voted against impeachment and one of those has had enough of the Dems drama and is changing parties. Who can blame him? It’s embarrassing to be a Democrat now. Some of my liberal friends, while remaining liberal, have voiced embarrassment over some of the things the Democrats are doing and saying these days.

Regardless of whether they send the case to the Senate or not, Trump will not be convicted because he didn’t do anything wrong. I am curious to see what message the Democrats hear when the president they impeached is re-elected by the American people. Will they hear the message that we’ve had enough of the Dems absurd drama and we’re ready for a change or will they interpret his reelection to mean that “We the people …” are stupid?

Tim Dowling