Well, well, well, just look what is happening now! "Gone With the Wind" has been buried and gone with the wind, pun intended, but we can still watch "Deep Throat." Elmer Fudd has been disarmed. It's a cartoon for God's sake! "Cops" and "Live PD" are canceled. Yes, far be it to ever let the people witness all the crap the cops have to deal with on a daily basis.

One of Karl Marx's 10 planks of Communism is to take over the media. The Political Correctness Police are doing just that. They have already ruined our school systems, removed God from wherever they can, and they are and have been trying to take away our guns. If they get our guns, it is all but over. I saw a sign in a gun store once: "When they come for your guns, give them your ammo!"

Now the PC Police are centering in on our police departments, abolish or defund them. Not very smart is it? When we are in total anarchy, they win. This country is headed to hell in a rocket powered hand-basket. This idiocy is spreading faster than the virus.

The power hungry elitists on the Belch-way aren't doing anything to help out either. It's an election year and they have to blame all of this on President Trump. They have been after him since he came down the escalator. If there is one police department that needs to be abolished, it's the PC Police.

Political correctness is an oxy-moron in the first place. Is there anything correct about politics today? God help us for they know not what they do.

Dave Doty

Lake Placid