A couple, married for 50 years, always remembered each other’s birthday. Then, one year her birthday came along. The woman must have forgotten it herself, because she did not do a thing to jog the man’s memory. That night, he was reading the paper and saw a story about a big, birthday party. Suddenly, he remembered her birthday. He started thinking about their years together, the heartaches and struggles they had been through, and what a fine wife she had been to him. She had grown rather hard of hearing over the last few years, so he leaned toward her and yelled, “Wife, I’m proud of you.”

She sat up straight in her chair. “That ain’t nothing!” she said. “I’m tired of you, too!”

Although that lady may not have been able to help her hearing problem, many of us have a hearing problem that we can help. It is called a lack of listening. Most any relationship problem you can find in the world will most likely have the lack of listening on the part of one or more of the parties as a factor in the dilemma. Whether it is a husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, or employer and employee, we all seem to have a tendency to develop this type of auditory complication.

Our hearing problems generally stem from our unwillingness to truly listen to what others have to say. Many of us are only interested in what we have to say. Because we are so tuned into our own voice, as soon as we are finished talking, we suddenly (and selectively) go deaf!

Guess what? We do the same thing with God. We like to tell God how things ought to be. We will even tell Him about the mistakes we believe that He has made and how, if He will only listen to us, we will show Him how to fix them! The only problem with this relationship is that there is one side who thinks he or she is right and another side who actually is, and that side, of course, is God’s side. If there is any party in this relationship that needs to close their mouths and listen, it is we.

James 1:19 reads, “This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.” God talks to us today through His inspired word, the Bible. When He talks, we need to hush up and listen carefully to every, single word. Then, we need to obey Him without exception, excuse, or suggestion about some “better way.” Remember, there is no better way than God’s way, so when God talks, LISTEN!

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