A response to a letter to the editor characterizing the Heartland Herald as a “hate spewing" paper. I would like the writer to point out to the public where the “hate spewing” is in any article in this paper.

Looking at the current edition, February 2020, list of articles:

1) When We the People are Forced to Take a Stand: Article referencing people stealing the paper and discarding them by the hundreds. Show us “hate spewing.”

2) Constitution Corner: Lesson on the Constitution: Show us “hate spewing.”

3) Someone Doesn't Want to Read This Paper: Show us “hate spewing.” Pointing out a fact (by the way distributions are now being monitored).

4) Uunderstanding Florida Stand Your Ground Law: By a respected attorney. Show us “hate spewing.”

5) When the Church is Silent the Devil Rejoices: Written by a respected reverend. Show us “hate spewing."

6) Trump Calls UN to Protect Religious Freedom: Show us “hate spewing."

7) 2020 Election Check List [sic]: Documented facts. Show us “hate spewing.”

8) Uunderstanding One Woman's Commitment, A Personal Story: Show us “hate spewing.”

9) New HHS Rule Protest Religious Liberty: Show us “hate spewing.”

10) Beaten and Spat Up On [sic]: Show us the “hate spewing.”

11) Who's the Real St. Valentines: Show us the “hate spewing.”

I challenge the letter's author to show us any “hate spewing” in any of the 50 releases of this paper. The individual who wrote the article actually exhibited the “hate spewing.”

John Nelson