How many people just sit back and think about eternity? It means without end. Really, think about this. Life here as we know it is temporal, as the wind comes and goes. While one’s body dies, one’s soul lives on in one of two places. Your soul is you — it’s who you are, your will, your mind, which consists of your conscience and your emotions, in other words, your personality. You cannot see these traits nor feel them; your soul is spiritual and in your body. It lives on and has consciousness while your physical body is what actually dies.

Until the rapture, one’s soul is either in the presence of the Lord in paradise or in hell, 1 Corinthians 15: 51, 52, KJV. Read these two verses carefully along with 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-17, KJV., and 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9, KJV. They all describe what happens at the rapture. The believer whose body is dead will be taken up first, then the believer who is alive, in his presence now, with a spiritual body fashioned as Christ’s body. This all takes place in seconds.

What do I mean by fashioned like Christ’s body? You will look as you were in your 30s, of a spiritual body with bones and not blood and bones. Today, the life is in the blood and everlasting life will be spiritual.

Why as in your 30s? It is the age that Christ was when he left after being with the Apostles for 40 days and stated that our bodies will be fashioned as his. Imagine, being able to go through physical walls, never sick, no more hunger, food will be enjoyed but, not needed and, get this, you will be able to travel with the speed of thought around the universe. God, knows all, sees all, is everywhere at once, can accomplish all things at once but, most of all, is love.

For the other group of people, the unbelieving world who will make up the majority of the world, it will be pain never ending both a bodily pain and a mental torture. Get this, everlasting without end. People in hell and eventually in the lake of fire will be totally separated from God as Jesus was on the cross taken on the world’s sins. “My God, my God, why do you forsaken me?” What mental torture that must have been. God was satisfied with this sacrifice to be able to justify people who believe.

There will be no peace in hell as this is an attribute of God that the unbelievers will not have, as with no joy, no love and no trust of anyone in hell. There will be no sleep in hell because of constant pain to the point that one would want to die, but can’t because they will have a body that will feel the burning, but will not be consumed as the burning bush wasn’t burned up. Nobody will trust anybody and would feel totally alone, everlasting.

Did I scare you all? Sure I did and I meant to. The time to get right with God is now, while his grace is upon you. The minute your body dies, that is all she wrote ... everlasting without end. So, sit back and think about this article and think about the word, “eternity,” and figure where you want to be. With God, there will be no excuse for not knowing what to believe for salvation, Romans, 1:18-20, KJV.

Again, your salvation is to truly believe deep in your hearts, Ephesians 2: 8,9, KJV, and 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4, KJV. Find somewhere quiet and tell God, you truly believe in your hearts. He loves you all, but can not allow sin into heaven. The minute you truly believe, it is Christ’s blood that redeemed you from all your sins. You, again, do not see this happening or feel it, but must trust God at his word, Hebrews 11:6, KJV.

Bruce Tooker is a Lake Placid resident. Columns are the opinion of the writers, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.