Why is bill so important?

When one has the honor to represent Highlands County on a state level, they have the chance to speak up for the agricultural industry that employees 33% of our residents, our retired homeowners, our veterans, and the youth of our beloved community. It’s disappointing to see that Highlands’ own Kaylee Tuck has used her elected position to sponsor a bill banning transgender teens from competing in female sports.

Of all the issues Rep. Tuck could focus on to benefit our county and our state, why this? Why waste taxpayer time and money to address a bill that only applies to .5% of the population? Why would Rep. Tuck make an anti-trans bill her first foray into national attention, when she could advocate for farmers, citrus growers, improved care for senior citizens, building infrastructure, attracting tourism, watching over our vets, and improving the life of all students?

Why is Rep. Tuck targeting transgender teens?

Rev. George Miller


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