I sense, as many Americans do, that there is something seriously wrong with the way this presidential election was conducted.

In Pennsylvania, the legislator wouldn’t pass a law concerning mail-in ballots so the state Supreme Court did, which wasn’t their legal authority to do so.

I can understand why all these irregularities have to go to the Supreme Court of the United States. No one should be content until the electoral process is fair, just, and according to the laws of the land. Rumor has it that one state had more votes than voters on the registry. We have to know the process for elections are according to the law.

And the laws have to be clear for the onset, not changed and made up along the way.

There should be one standard: that election results need to be in on or before Nov. 3 and not keep people hanging on until two weeks later.

If people don’t get their vote in early enough to be counted they don’t deserve to vote.

I’m a Christian and I am willing to accept who the people vote in on election day and would pray for that person whoever he was because God says in the Bible that is what we are supposed to do. But I am not willing to accept someone unless they are certified and the Supreme Court has determined if it was a fair election; no election fraud and irregularities that would favor one candidate over another.

We have to be able to trust the process as being just and fair.

If you want acceptance then that is what needs to be done, a fair and transparent process.

Paul M. Strunc