In response to a viewpoint in the Highlands Sun-News on Jan. 11, the writer rants about a few things involving President Trump — guns, Putin and Kim Jung Un and far right wingers, as she puts it. The writer comments about a gun show on the fairgrounds in Sebring and how bad this “right to assemble” is and on weekends and not school days. Let me remind this uninformed person that it was guns that gave us the freedoms we enjoy today and the reason why we are here.

Our founding fathers found it important enough to make it a right to, get this, “bear” arms. The word “bear” means” to have “on one self” or “carry.” I hope people can comprehend this.

Semi automatic guns are not assault weapons; automatic weapons are. People who live in North Dakota, Alaska and Montana use semi automatic guns quite a bit for their food. Because a gun looks like an assault weapon, like the AR-15, does not mean it is one.

The right to own and bear arms is meant to protect people from government tyranny ... yes, our own government can turn against us. England did in 1776.

People may call me a crazy right winger, sobeit. I believe in the Constitution unlike those who use it when it benefits their narrative, but trashes it otherwise e.g., abortion. All life has a right to live and pursue happiness and not be murdered as some rant that guns do. I think man kills a lot more than guns do.

If people did some research, they would find that more people were and are killed by knives and bats than guns.

Trump deals with Putin and Kim Jung Un a lot differently than anyone else has, by trying to deescalate nuclear weapons. He feels that he can deal with any good that these people may have in their inner person to gain trust and, thereby, a deescalation of nuclear weapons.

One minute, this writer talks about Trump being a warmonger but then criticizes him of buttering up to Putin and Kim to prevent war. Which is it? The writer, in so many words, uses the words, “renewable energy,” aka climate change. Liberals like to use words that try to hide their real meaning like “women’s health” aka abortion or “renewable energy” aka climate change. I would tell her yes, we have spring, summer, fall and winter. I would tell this writer that God controls our climate and with a little research, she would find that our most severe fires happened in the 1770’s and 1800’s, way before the use of hydrocarbons, no cars, no planes and no power plants.

As I have said before in one of my comments, I do not judge one’s personality as president but by his or hers performance. Trump is for everything America, while the Democrats are for illegals without merit, meaning, they get on our welfare system while our homeless veterans starve. They are for murder aka abortion, are anti-ICE agents, anti-cops, anti-vets, Pro Iran, anti-Constitution, thereby anti-American and for a recession. The liberals or far left loons are truly the ones without common sense.

Bruce Tooker is a Lake Placid resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.