Woe is me

Delicate sensitivities rise to the surface as the chief of police of Lake Placid cries victim over an opinion expressed about the so-called ‘Day of Prayer’ held on the lawn of the Highlands County Courthouse – a tax-paid government location. Things must be slow in Lake Placid when the police chief has the time to rant to the newspaper, howling about the evils of the $15 minimum wage and chastising those who accept benefits in the face of COVID, later following with a tirade about an objection to religious events on courthouse property. Considering the number of traffic violations and accidents in Lake Placid, Mr. Fansler could spend less time moonlighting as a religious bullhorn and political shill but rather, more time as a public servant.

Fansler’s latest crusade is against a writer who doesn’t share his overactive enthusiasm for manufactured deities. I do not embrace a cult who, throughout history, utilized political clout, torture and murder to further their cause. You may recall Mr. Fansler was suspended from his job last October for offensive comments he posted on a public site and to a council member. He thought his comments humorous while his superior did not.

Mr. Fansler, I don’t need your chants, incantations, approval or absolution. You just need to accept that not everyone’s opinion aligns with yours.

Horace Markley


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