In response to a Highlands News-Sun editorial page article critical of Lake Placid Councilwoman Debra Worley for stating at a recent meeting, ā€œIā€™m happy the Sheriff's Office is here,ā€ implying that she must have some unethical, nefarious motive and Ms. Worley should be chastised.

Wow, run her out of town! How silly!

As for the LP Police Department, they are justifiably viewed as efficient, able and well led by Chief (James) Fansler, however, as all other township council elected officials, she is within her rights to ask for a review of all aspects of the police dept. or any other city department.

After attending nine of the last 14 council meetings, I can testify that Ms. Worley and the other members are a collegial group. They take their responsibilities seriously. The citizens of Lake Placid are well served by this council.

Jack Culkin

Lake Placid