Miguel Arceo's article on the 50 lower courts and the Supreme Court's rejection of Trump's petitions was interesting. His conclusion was the courts have spoken and that settles the issue as they are right in their decision. But, does that settle the issue and are they always right and we have to accept it "hook, line and sinker"? I realize the Trump issue is past, but the attitude toward the infallibility of the Court is my concern.

Miguel, the United States Supreme Court has ruled on abortion and same sex marriages. So that settles the issue? I think not. On Jan. 1, 1973, the Supreme Court voted 7/2 to legalize abortion and on June 6, 2015, the Supreme Court voted 5/4 to legalize same-sex marriages. So that makes it right without question? I hope you will not fall into that trap.

Since you have quoted from the Bible in articles, I assume it does not settle the issue with you either. Since Roe vs. Wade, according to CDC, there has been 62,502,904 recorded abortions, i.e. murder of innocent lives, in the USA. It would be in the billions worldwide. According to CPSASEC, there were 543,000 same-sex marriages in 2019. Both of these Court decisions are repulsive to our Creator and do not go unnoticed.

I trust you have studied a true picture of world history and have learned how great nations/governments/societies have fallen. The two above items are high on the list of self-destruction. The evidence is that America is travelling that road full speed. Wake up, America. We better put some "meat" to "In God We Trust." Right now it is full blown hypocrisy. The Hollocust [sic] demands public outcry, but where is the outcry of the blood bath of innocent lives through abortion? The blood is on the hands of the Supreme Court and medical personnel involved in this slaughter.

Frank Parker