Everybody lies and everybody cheats, but liberals do so with endless impunity. They have no shame and believe that they are right in what they are doing at all cost. Liberals have grown from a small presence in politics to a very noticeable presence that even Nancy Pelosi cannot come out and denounce socialism.

I would first like to mention a word that is thrown out a lot that liberals hide behind to justify their actions and it is the word "religion." First of all, religions are cults and do not follow God's word and follow traditions, man's traditions. Second, it is up to each individual to know God's word without excuse; Romans 1:18-20 KJV. It's called personal responsibility for one's actions. God has said, that there will be many false teachers of his word, perverting it (2 Peter 2:3 KJV, which states that false teachers will make merchandise of you). In other words, try to get money from you. Sound familiar? Religions.

As socialism forces money out of you through taxation, religions pervert God's word to get it out of you. God says through the apostle Paul without command, give according to your heart (2 Corinthians 9:7  KJV). True salvation is not gained through money. God does not want our cheap money, but our faith.

Now back to liberals. They believe they are supreme in their ideology above all, even God, whom most do not believe in and will cheat to push their narrative. The Bible, God's living word, Jesus Christ speaks about liberals and government. Adam and Eve committed the first liberal act where Adam blamed Eve for eating the fruit and Eve blamed God for placing the snake in the garden. Not taking personal responsibility for one's actions is the liberal way as Hillary Clinton had 85 reasons why she lost to Trump without her being at fault.

Liberals hate the truth. "I am the way, the Truth and the Life, no one goes to the Father," in other words to heaven, "but through me," John 14:6 KJV. The Truth is Jesus Christ, the living word in print, the Bible. The truth does not fit the liberal narrative or abortion would stop along with homosexuality. Liberals despise our form of government, a republic which God ordains, Exodus 18:13-27 KJV. The apostle Peter speaks of this in 2 Peter 2:10, 12-20 KJV.

Get real people, pick up the Bible yourselves and learn God's word and stop listening to others. Your salvation is your responsibility. No one elses.

Bruce Tooker