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Can we all agree that dog people are better than cat people? I’m totally kidding! If you said yes, though, you’re going to want to zip over to Celebration this Saturday for its “Posh Pooch” event!

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HAINES CITY — A member of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 30 years, Loyd Stewart was named deputy chief of the Haines City Police Department and started his tenure this month.

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HAINES CITY — The Haines City industrial property, constructed in 1918 and commonly referred to by locals as the “old fertilizer plant,” is set for demolition. City officials announced the news Feb. 13.

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LAKE COUNTY — Lake County has now integrated texting into its 911 answering system, allowing residents in need of emergency services to reach a first responder via text when calling is not an option.

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You might have heard in the news that the father of pop singer Taylor Swift recently thwarted a burglar in his St. Petersburg home when he came home during the crime.

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Vote by Mail ballots are now available for eligible voters who wish to vote by mail in Florida’s Presidential Preference Primary Election. The March 17 contest is open only to registered Democrats or registered Republicans wishing to choose their presidential nominee.


POLK COUNTY — Polk County Public Schools officials and representatives for the Polk Education Association, the county’s public school teachers union, announced Feb. 14 that the two sides have reached a tentative agreement on teacher contracts for the 2019-20 school year.

There is a unique food competition going down in Winter Haven this weekend. It is a “people’s choice” competition — and they need your opinion. Not only is it a neat way to try out the final products of Big Green Egg grills, but it’s also a delicious way to support the Citrus Center Boys and…

Detectives from Polk County Sheriff’s Office’s Identity Theft Strike Force arrested a Winter Haven woman last week on Thursday, Feb. 13, after an investigation concluded that she had stolen or misappropriated approximately $1.6 million.

POLK COUNTY – Staff and volunteers with the Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern College have been working with Dr. Willem Jan Hoogsteder and his Hoogsteder Museum Foundation staff for more than two-and-a-half years to put together the exhibit “Music and Dance in Painting of the Dutch Gold…

DAVENPORT –The Attendance Boundary Committee, responsible for recommending the Davenport Elementary School boundaries to the superintendent of Polk County Public Schools, held a meeting Feb. 6 to explain the process to prospective parents of students and hear from the community.

Valentine’s Day has arrived and instead of simply being one day of lovey-dovey, rom-com level celebration, it’s a whole weekend full of candy-filled festivities! I’ve selected a few events that would be fun to surprise your significant other with — or to treat yourself to!

Polk County Commissioners did some significant bond juggling recently and, by refinancing some bonds and adding some new ones, managed to save almost $6 million, according to the county's Comptroller and Clerk Stacy Butterfield.

A House panel on Feb. 6 approved a proposal that would allow the establishment of recovery care centers where people could recuperate after health-care procedures.

FOUR CORNERS — The home at 1169 Wilde Drive, in the Celebration area of Osceola County, sold Jan. 31 for $1,250,000. It was the top home sale in the Four Corners region for the week between Jan. 30 and Feb. 5.

It starts as something fairly innocuous, a small tingle or tickle in the back of the throat that occurs once in a while. After a few days, you may find yourself coughing and hacking when that tickle hits you at an inopportune moment. Soon that tickle is keeping you up at night with coughing …

A House committee on Feb. 6 approved a bill that would carve out hospice services and treatment provided in hospital critical-care units or emergency rooms from a 2019 law that requires physicians to notify patients about non-opioid alternatives.

Trisomy is a chromosomal condition characterized by an additional chromosome.

Polk County Public Schools’ next hiring event for bus drivers and attendants is coming to the Winter Haven Public Library on Wednesday, Feb. 12, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more info, call (863) 534-7298.

Health-care providers who default on their student loans wouldn’t face disciplinary action against their licenses, under a proposal being considered by Florida lawmakers.

Diets can be difficult to navigate. Since no two people are the same, a healthy diet that satisfies one person won’t necessarily satisfy another. Vegetarians might be perfectly happy without chicken or steak, while some people might shudder at the notion of never indulging in the occasional …

The state’s top female high school weightlifters head to the Panhandle this weekend for the 2020 Florida High School Athletic Association state championships. And that includes competitors from Celebration High.

Spring Carillon Concert Series

TALLAHASSEE — Religious leaders and some black lawmakers on Feb. 4 escalated a fiery debate over anti-LGBTQ policies at private schools that receive state-funded scholarships, fueling discussions of religious freedom, discrimination and politics.

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Senate released an initial $92.83 billion budget proposal Jan. 30 that would provide across-the-board pay raises for state employees, increase money for teacher salaries and help fund water-quality projects.

Many people insist they cannot make it through a morning without their favorite cup of coffee. For some, the taste of the coffee might be a secondary consideration. In such instances, caffeine, and the jolt it provides on sleepy, early mornings, is the true allure of that morning cup of joe.

Spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on March 19, bringing with it visions of more hours of sunshine, warmer temperatures and ample opportunities to embrace the great outdoors. Come mid-March, people who live in climates marked by cold winters have no doubt been anticipating spring fun …

Throughout human history, there have been many ways to preserve food, including pickling, canning and salting. Such efforts became easier with the invention of the refrigerator and freezer, which opened up a whole new way to shop for and stockpile foods.